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E-Learning – Online Course VCA Basis, mock exams + official test – Croatian

235.00 excl BTW

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VCA Basis online course
VCA Basis test simulator, containing 4 tests, each of them with 40 questions in Croatian. – Total of 160 questions.
VCA Basis exam (official) – to be taken at the place and time of your choice.
Full description below.
Time required to complete one online VCA test: max. 60 minutes

For whom?

The VCA online VCA Basis course is aimed at people who want to prepare independently for the VCA Basis exam. The online course consists of detailed descriptions of all issues related to occupational health and safety. In our online course you will also find many valuable tips and information that will allow you to increase your knowledge of occupational health and safety. All to assist you in passing the official VCA exam. The package also includes 4 VCA mock exams in an Exam Simulator that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the conditions and methodology of the official exam. You could, for example, test yourself against the official time limit. 

This bundle offers access to the full VCA online course, VCA test simulator and in addition it covers the application costs of the official VCA exam.

Full preparation for the VCA exam in the form of an online course.

The online course covers 100% of issues related to the topic of Occupational Safety and Health that are in the scope of exam questions on the official VCA exam.

The theoretical part contains a full description of each of the sections and exam topics:

2.Risks, accidents and emergency situations
3.Hazardous Substances
4.Fire and explosion
5.Tools and machines
7.Hoisting and lifting
8.Work at height
9.Risky activities and locations
11.Personal protective equipment

Official exam

To make a reservation, logged in users can go to the Exam Booking page – also available from My Account page.

Where can I take the official VCA exam?

Exams are held regularly throughout the Netherlands. To find closest location visit page with list of exam locations



Exam reservation


Reservation time

48 hours before the exam

Time to sign in for an official exam

Maximum 30 days from the end of the last module

Access to the courses/ tests

Until passing the official VCA exam. Maximum 30 days from the start of the course

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