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You can sign up for the online course via the website www.vcaedu.nl by choosing the bundle or bundles you are interested in:

– VCA Basis course, mock exams, plus an official VCA-exam

– 2 VCA Basis mock exams, plus an official VCA-exam

– 3 VCA Basis mock exams, plus an official VCA-exam

– 4 VCA Basis mock exams, plus an official VCA-exam

After confirming your purchase and payment, you receive an email with instructions on how to navigate the online platform.

You can pay using Online Payment gateways available on our site. Accepted payment methods are: Ideal, Mastercard, Visa, Sepa Incasso, Sofort, Przelewy 24

The costs of online VCA courses or online VCA mock exams vary. The price depends on the language in which you want to take the online course and the package you choose. The full range of VCA course packages and online VCA tests can be found on our website.

No, all our online VCA courses and online VCA mock exams at a cost.

You can register 7 days a week, 24/7, for an online VCA course or an online VCA mockexams.


Yes, the exams cover the material of the exam. It is an affordable exercise to minimize your chance of failing in the real exam.

Yes, we provide the course in selected languages. For up to date information check the home site of the page. 

Yes, you can take as many simulated exams as you’d like, for the period for which you access in valid after your purchase. – please check terms and conditions. 

There is no advice number of retakes. However, there’s a progress-bar in your exam simulator that calculates your fluency in the exam based on your performance, and it’s best to keep taking exams until you reach a high level of fluency.

Yes. We’ve tried to create a user interface that is usable on small devices.

The mockexam simulator contains different question types, for example multiple choice, match and yes-no questions
A timer starts running when you start the test. You must answer all questions within the allotted time.
If you do not answer all questions within the specified time, it is possible to start the test again.

Yes. After each mockexam you will gain insight into your answers. Both the questions you answered incorrectly and the correctly answered questions are displayed.
Users can compare the answers they were unsure of or gave the incorrect answer to the theory in the course material.
People with only a mockexam package can search for more information themselves, purchase an online course or register for a classical course.

The online VCA course is divided into topics and issues related to occupational safety. There are also additional materials available that are worth reading. In addition, the Basis VCA package includes 4  and VOL VCA 6 mockexams . Official exam is included in each package.

No. VCA Basic is the general knowledge in the field of safety. They are not focused on fraught professions. Although some parts of the theory may not be necessary for your profession, you do need to master them to obtain the official VCA diplomas.

Online VCA course
The pace of work with the platform is determined by the user. Since the aim of the platform is to provide the necessary knowledge in the field of occupational safety, this course should be started by people who are determined to master the necessary knowledge and pass the official exam.
Online mockexams
Each test in packs of 2, 3 or 4 is under time pressure. The duration of VCA Basic tests is 60 minutes and for the VOL VCA keys, 75 minutes.
Tests can be performed multiple times.

Detailed instructions on how to take VCA mock exma can be found here.

Detailed instructions on how to interpret the results of the online practice tests can be found here.

Diploma and exam

No. The online course is merely a preparation for the official VCA exam. A diploma cannot be issued on the basis of the course alone. In order to receive an official document, it is necessary to take the official VCA exam and pass it.

A VCA diploma can only be obtained after passing the official VCA exam.

Users of the VCA online course or VCA online mock exams can, after completing their training, apply for an official VCA exam. When logged in, users can apply via the registration form available on the ‘My Account page‘ as well as via the link ‘Exam Booking‘ at the bottom of this page.

After passing the official VCA exam, you will receive the diploma and accompanying pass digitally. You can have the VCA pass in your phone!
From 2023, paper diplomas and associated cards will no longer be sent by post.
You may continue to receive hard copy diplomas with the corresponding card. Additional costs apply and must be selected during purchase.

You can sign up for the VCA exam after completing your online training, i.e. after completing all the modules of the VCA online course or VCA online mock tests.

You can take the official VCA exam only after finishing your training. Readiness is determined on the basis of successfully passed mock exams in the Exam Simulator.

Work safety is the most important thing.

Do oficjalnego egzaminu VCA możesz podejść dopiero po zakończeniu nauki. Gotowość określana jest na podstawie pozytywnie zdanych testów w symulatorze. 

Bezpieczeństwo pracy jest najważniejsze.

You will receive the results of the official VCA exam as soon as you have completed the exam. The examiner will inform you of the result, including the percentage you have achieved. To pass the VCA exam, you must have answered at least 65% of the questions correctly.

Yes. Registration, payment and booking of the VCA exam at a place and date of your choice is possible. The calendar of the upcoming VCA exams is available on the VCA website.


No. The platform is available online and is compatible with all major browsers and devices. No additional software installation is required

Once you have access to the material, you have 30 days to complete the Online VCA course and/or Online VCA mockexams.

After the period of 30 calendar days, you can decide to reorder a package.

If you have forgotten your password, use the “I forgot my password” option next to the login option for your account. After entering your email address, you will receive an email with instructions to change your password.

In the event of a failure of the vcaedu.nl platform, you are obliged to immediately inform the administrator about the situation by sending an email to service@vcaedu.nl

We will look into your account. In case of a technical issue you are entitled to account extension up to the date of your exam (not longer than 30 days from account expiration).   To extend your account you will need to contact us after your account expiration.
For questions about the functioning of the platform, please use the FAQ section – “Frequently Asked Questions” or the contact form.

No. The online platform is available online and works on all major internet browsers and devices. No additional software installation is required.

If the website or its part is not displayed correctly, make sure that your browser and the device on which you use the platform are updated. If it is not the latest version please update. The website is based on a system operating in the following browsers and systems:

Last 1 Android versions.
Last 1 ChromeAndroid versions.
Last 2 Chrome versions.
Last 2 Firefox versions.
Last 2 Safari versions.
Last 2 iOS versions.
Last 2 Edge versions.
Last 2 Opera versions.
Internet Explorer >= 11

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