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Do you have a VCA diploma but your qualifications expire soon? Do you have a lot of knowledge in the field of VCA and want to check what the new, digital exam looks like? Or maybe you want to test your knowledge before taking the official exam? Choose one of the VCA online packages of preparation tests we offer. You can choose between the VCA Basis and VOL tests. Basis mock exams can be selected in sets of 2, 3, or 4. Available as an individual offer or for companies (group registration). Each of the packages also includes (included in price) the possibility of taking the official VCA exam at a selected place and time.

VCA Basis online mock exams

Make sure you know and apply the VCA safety rules

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Egzamin VCA

Refresh your knowledge and get used to the form of the exam

VCA Basis mock exam online

Official examinations are held regularly in the Netherlands. You can find a convenient location on our interactive map of VCA exam locations.

Basis VCA courses are also available on the VCA EDU platform in eleven language versions – Polish, English,  Dutch, Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, German and Turkish. For people interested in the VOL VCA course, we enable the preparation of e-learning in English and Dutch.

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