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On demand, online VCA courses and mock exams

VCA courses and mock exams
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Are you looking to prepare for the VCA exams? Do you want to be able to decide when, where and at what speed to prepare? Or are you simply looking to familiarize yourself with the VCA exam procedures?

VCAEDU is the online solution for your official VCA exam preparations.

The educational platform by VCAEDU provides a wide range of online VCA-courses and mock exams in an online VCA exam simulation

Courses including audio version – VCA Basis English / Polish and VOL VCA English

Step 1

Select bundle

Courses & mockexams

Choose the desired preparation bundle for the VCA exam - a course with a set of mock exams or only mock tests.

Step 2

Start learning

Prepare for the official exam

Learn safely at the time and place of your choice. Check your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the form of the exam.

Step 3

Apply for the official exam

Choose a place and time

Prepared for the exam? Great! Let us know where and when you want to take the exam. We will make a reservation.

Step 4

Take the exam

Get a VCA certificate

Take the exam in a chosen place and time. Remember, the cost of the exam is included in the package you choose.


Gauge your level

The VCA exam simulation (offered seperately, or in combination with a course) will help you determine where you stand and how much support you might need to prepare for the official VCA examination.

Flexibility in training

An internet connection is all you need to work with the VCAEDU platform. During your preparations you can switch devices without loosing any progress and keep improving non-stop and anywhere that suits your needs.

Official VCA examination

Each of our bundles includes entry to an official VCA exmamination on site. Once you are satisfied with the results of your mock examns, all you need to do is book a date and location.

Access to your results

After completing the VCA exam simulation your results will immediately be disclosed to you, including a summary of the questions that were answered incorrectly. This will help you determine which aspects will need additional studying.

Variety of languages

We offer bundles in all fifteen languages that are supported in the official VCA examination.

VCA exam simulation

Our mock exams are provided in a VCA exam simulation. This simulation mimics the actual exam conditions of the official VCA examination: a digital test with a time limit.

VCAEDU for businesses

Are you looking to train three or more persons? Provide your team with acess to online courses and online mock exams in a variety of languages

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