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Course VOL VCA

Do you manage a group of employees? Or maybe you run your own one-person business (ZZP)? You should have a valid VOL VCA diploma. From now on, combining your work and certification is easier than ever. You can complete the preparation for the VOL VCA course with mock exams fully online. All you need is a device with an internet connection. The course is available in two language versions. What is more, English version includes now an audio recording of the course content. You can learn fasted and  on the go.

Course VOL VCA online: e-learning.


Complete VOL VCA course

The material covers 100% of the knowledge necessary to pass the official exam. The VOL VCA course will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Dutch Labor Law from the perspective of the Operations Manager.


Mock exams VOL VCA and Basis

Mock exam allows to test the acquired knowledge and gives the opportunity to become familiar with the form of the official examination.


Official exam

The packages include the cost of taking the official VCA exam. The official, stationary exam is available in over 30 locations in the Netherlands.

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VOL VCA online course - packages for companies and groups

You are responsible for your team

VOL VCA online - for executives

The VOL VCA online course is divided into short sections. Each of them discusses in detail issues related to the subject of occupational health and safety and the role of the manager. By choosing the VOL VCA online course, you can decide for yourself about the pace of learning, time and place.

Two language versions of the course are available on the VCA EDU platform – English (including audio version) and Dutch. Official exams are also held in French and German. The four languages mentioned are the only languages that can be used for this examination.

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