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E-Learning – VOL VCA course, tests + exam – in English

215.00 excl BTW


Online VOL VCA course in English, including an audio version of the course.
VOL VCA test simulator, containing:

  • 2 tests with 70 exam questions in English –
  • 4 tests with 40 exam questions in English

VOL VCA exam – at a selected place and date.



Exam reservation


Reservation time

48 hours before the exam

Time to sign in for an official exam

Maximum 30 days from the end of the last module

Access to the courses/ tests

Until passing the official VCA exam. Maximum 30 days from the start of the course

For whom?

The ‘VOL VCA online course’ is intended for people who manage groups of employees or have their own business (ZZP) and want to prepare for the VOL VCA exam without having any prior knowledge. The VCA EDU course VOL VCA platform allows preparing for the VOL VCA exam in English and Dutch.

The online course contains detailed descriptions of all issues related to the subject of occupational health and safety and the role of the manager in these topics. In our online course, you will find many valuable tips and information that will allow you to increase your knowledge, work safety, and that of your team, as well as to successfully pass the VOL VCA exam.

The package also includes VCA tests, which will allow you to organize your knowledge and prepare for the official exam in computer form (e.g. by checking the time limit for the test).

By purchasing the package, you gain access to the full online VOL VCA course, test simulator, and the opportunity to take the official VCA exam.

Full preparation for the VCA exam in the form of an online course.

The online course covers 100% of issues related to the subject of Occupational Health and Safety and the Role of the Manager, which are the scope of examination questions on the official VCA exam. The theoretical part contains a full description of each of the sections and examination topics:

  • Legislation, Labor Law
  • Danger, accidents and dangerous situations
  • Dangerous substances
  • Fire and explosion
  • Tools and machinery
  • Electricity
  • Lifting and manual lifting
  • Work at heights
  • Risky activities and places (high-risk work)
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal protection measures

Official Exam:

By purchasing the package, you receive one attempt to take the VOL VCA exam at a place and time of your choice. To enroll for the exam, the logged-in persons can go to the VCA exam enrollment page – also available from the My account page.

Where can I take the VCA exam?

Exams are held regularly throughout the Netherlands. On the website with exam locations  you can find a list where the exams take place and find the closest one using the interactive map.

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